Our people, your freight.

US Depot Services is a turnkey private depot focused on refrigerated Containers.

Service is our #1 Priority. We are a technically advanced service set with old fashion, humble, and honest customer service.

Benefits for All Parties.


  • Enhanced throughput for faster operations
  • Efficient empty pick-up location
  • Consistency for seamless operations
  • Container delivery easily meets ERD, even with date changes

Ship Lines:

  • Increased throughput for optimized efficiency
  • Frees up gen sets and chassis for other uses
  • Excellent visibility through EDI
  • Consistency for better planning and coordination

Trucking Company:

  • Higher throughput for faster services
  • Reduced need for drivers and tractors
  • Improved efficiency with lower operational costs
  • Consistency for improved customer satisfaction


  • Greater throughput for optimized capacity
  • Reduced congestion at RSA for streamlined processes
  • Ability to allocate labor to more profitable tasks
  • Consistency for enhanced collaboration and operations

Our services include but are not limited to:

Thorough and sanitary cleaning services for your refrigerated containers - ensuring compliance and safety.

Comprehensive power plug-in service for refrigerated cargo with advanced technology and flexible storage solutions.

Comprehensive pre-trip inspection and maintenance services for safe and smooth cargo transport.

Professional RSA generator repair and maintenance services to ensure reliable and efficient operations.

Quality repair services for your refrigerated containers, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

We are experts in port efficiency and logistics.

Stack your refrigerated cargo up to 4 containers high.

At our advanced near port facility, we have the capability to efficiently stack empty containers to a height of 4 or more levels, offering a significant space-saving advantage.

Strategically positioned depots within 20 miles of key locations, providing us with a distinct logistical advantage. For instance, if your container vessel is delayed, we strive to provide reliable and efficient services that meet and exceed the logistical requirements of your business- even if your vessel is running late.

Pre Trip Services and Reefer Monitoring System.

Following the washout process, our US Depot team can perform a pre-trip inspection on each container as per specific guidelines set forth by individual shipping lines.

Additionally, we employ an advanced monitoring system, designed to guarantee complete transparency and real-time tracking of our clients cargo, ensuring optimal temperature control and increased overall container performance.

Our clients,
we work hard for you.

Ample amount bulk empty storage.

Secure and spacious storage solutions for your bulk empty RSA containers.

Meet and exceed ship line standards.

Trusted container yard meeting ship line standards for secure storage solutions.

Driver may pick up empties at US Depot.

Streamlined and hassle-free empties pick-up available at our US Depot locations.

Expert and certified RSA mechanics.

Professional RSA mechanics providing high quality repairs to your reefer containers.


Call (678) 217-2137 and one of our cargo container experts will assist you.